Gut Flush Colic Treatment

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What is equine gut flush? Gut flush is an all-natural formula that is designed to to stop the common caused of equine colic.  This formula assists in restoring the gut motility relieving spasms and softing the bowl impactions. It is reported that after giving gut flush a normal bout of clioc will stop in 45 minutes. Nsaids (such as banamine) only relieve the pain, but gut flush addresses the internal causes of abdominal colic. It will stop impaction, gas, sand and mild spasmodic colic.  Just one bottle will help stop equine colic in its tracks. Gut flush is safe for all horses, stallions, broodmares, and foals. It also has a 3 year shelf life. Gut flush is herbal and will not test so that it is safe for competition horses. This medication is a must have for all equine first aid kits.          

Chondrus cripuus laminaria digitata within a proprietary blend of select herbs.  The active and supportive constituents, nutrients and minerals of equine gutflush are like pre-digested compounds and go directly into the bloodstream and to the cells to do their work to properly enhance health and well-being. They are potent, consistent in efficacy and actually taste remarkably good for a liquid herb, all qualities unique to the equine gutflush formula.        


"My horse was saved by your product, we were out in a remote area riding and my horse started to colic.  My friend Tammy carries your product in her saddle bag at all times.  I was very glad she had it with her this day, as we were so far from anything, I was back in the saddle in an hour.  My horse is alive because of your product.  We are glad to know about it now and have it on hand if this ever happens again." -D. Smith     "I was so happy that I purchased your product in such a timely manner. My horse coliced the next day and the equine gutflush saved his life.  I was able to help him immediately and he recovered immediately." -l. Nelson     "We have been thrilled with the results of the equine gutflush for both our competition and breeding horses. It has saved many a horse including the broodmares during different gestation periods, we routinely give now after each foal is born as well- as we have had a mare colic after birth.  Our stallion showed abdominal pain during a exhibition and we carry your product with the horses.  He was given your product and he was able to continue in the show after he was back to normal." -C. Roselli