How to Fit a Horse Halter

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Whether you are new to owning a horse or you have owned a horse for a while now, there is one piece of equipment that every horse owner needs above all else --a good horse halter. Horse halters are absolutely essential for everyday handling, grooming, etc, and if you've read our previous blog about horse halters, then you already know that they come in many styles and materials, including rope, leather and nylon. Picking a great horse halter is a great place to start, but it won't do you much good if it doesn't fit properly! That is why our experts have come up with these tips for fitting a horse halter:

  • Crownpiece- The crownpiece should fit snugly over your horse's poll. It should fit close to the back of your horse's ear, but it shouldn't be pressing into them. 
  • Noseband- The correct placement of a noseband is equal distance between your horse's nostrils and eyes, and it should lie just under your horse's cheekbones. Ensure that the noseband isn't too loose or too tight. If you are able to place two or three fingers under the noseband, then it should be about right.
  • Throatlatch- The throatlatch should be placed directly under the head, right where the jowls and the neck meet. If the throatlatch is too tight, your horse won't be able to swallow or breathe, so ensure that you can fit three to four fingers under it.
  • Cheek pieces- The cheek pieces are properly placed if they are sitting parallel to your horse's cheek bones.

If you decide to go with a leather halter, keep in mind that they can become worn and stretched over time, so periodically check to see if it still fits properly.

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