How to Fit a Horse Halter

20th Feb 2015

Whether you are new to owning a horse or you have owned a horse for a while now, there is one piece of equipment that every horse owner needs above all else --a good horse halter. Horse halters a … read more

Properly Fitting a Winter Blanket

Posted by Rebecca Gingerich on 29th Dec 2014

If you are new to the horse world, or have never used a can be difficult to figure it out! So many sizes and deniers. We have put together a beginners guide on fitting the correct blanket … read more

Cleaning Your Leather Saddle

19th Dec 2014

A leather saddle is undeniably the best kind of saddle. Leather is beautiful and super comfortable, but no one would ever claim that it is low maintenance. How you care for your leather saddle directl … read more

Your Guide to Buying Horse Halters

15th Nov 2014

Horse halters are so important. A halter sits on the sensitive part of a horse's head, right behind their ears, and if that halter doesn't fit well, it could cause pain or discomfort for the horse, wh … read more

We Have More Than Horse Tack For Sale In Our Online Store!

1st Oct 2014

If you have a horse lover in your life, you need to know that we have more than just horse tack for sale in our online store! Take a minute to check out our gift section, filled with items that h … read more