SafeTie Safety Breakaway

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Tethering a horse can impact upon a horse’s safety in multiple ways. When startled, its first instinct is to escape. If tethered, this natural flight instinct is halted and can result in the horse badly injuring itself.  Using SafeTie helps reduce this danger, adding another level of protection to the horse. A step up from rope or string, if your horse panics or pulls back, SafeTie is designed to ‘snap’ open at a certain stress point to help avoid injury to the horse.   

  • Using SafeTie to tether provides additional safety and care to the horse, giving owners and handlers extra peace of mind.  
  • SafeTie is incredibly easy to use.  
  • Simply attach SafeTie to the ring on your stable wall, secure the connection, pushing the side security sleeve over the connection for added strength and protection.  
  • Environmentally safe, SafeTie is available in a range of vibrant colors.  

SAFETIE HAS THREE SETTINGS: SETTING 1: Snaps open at 50Kgs (110lbs) Tension  SETTING 2: Snaps open at 75kgs (165lbs) Tension  SETTING 3: Snaps open at 100kg (220lbs) Tension

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