Dance Of The Mustang

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3.00 LBS

“Dance of the Mustang” is The Trail of Painted  Ponies tribute to the famous pinto mustang named Picasso. Known for  gorgeous coloring that could have come from a painter’s palette, Picasso  lives in the Sand Wash Basin in Northwest Colorado, where he is the  lead stallion in a free-roaming herd of wild horses. Striking an iconic  pose intended to attract an equally beautiful mare, and at the same time  warn off potential competitors, Picasso stands as a living symbol of  the history and pioneer spirit of the American West, and will be joined  by a companion figurine in a future release.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Pony will go to  several non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve the range  for wild horses in free roaming herds. 

A Standard Edition figurine  is an open-numbered casting that comes with a Story Card inside an  attractive, laminated box that completes the collectability of every  Painted Pony.