Goat Lil' Handful

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Bring home some farmyard fun with our endearing Goat Lil’ Handful stuffed animal! With this playful plush friend, you can adopt a baby Goat who’s small enough to cradle in your palms and fit into your pocket for a take along companion! Sure to charm your socks off, this miniature sweetheart features detailed cloven hooves and a spotted coat of ultra soft plush. Beans in her bottom and resilient polyester fill make her irresistibly cuddly. Velvety ears, tiny horns, and lovable brown eyes with a stitched nose all come together to create a lifelike appearance and an engaging expression. Surprise a fan of these lively critters with our enchanting Lil’ Handful Goat plush!

Weight 3 oz

Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in