Lighting Ridge Breyer

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2.00 LBS

Opals are unique gemstones that can be found in many colors. Each  opal contains an infinite number of iridescent colors and patterns. Some  are bold while others are more subtle, only showing their brilliance  with movement or changes in lighting. 

Perhaps the most unique of the opal family, the black opal has a  darker base hue that highlights its other colors, with red being the  most valued. Some of the most coveted black opals hail from mines in  Lightning Ridge, a town in New South Wales, Australia. 

Our decorator model, Lightning Ridge, was inspired by the Black  Lightning Ridge Opal. He features a turquoise undercoat, with layers of  maroon, red, and gold metallic. With a high gloss finish, Lightning  Ridge’s coat mimics the look of a black opal, and is gorgeous from every  angle. Limited Edition of 3000 pieces. Ages 8+ | 1:9 Scale