LV Integrity Endurance Horse

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2.00 LBS

In the sports world, a career spanning over two decades is nothing  short of incredible. In the horse world, it's almost unheard of. Arabian  gelding LV Integrity+/ entered his first endurance competition in 1999  as a six-year-old, and is still competing today at age 25! In endurance  competition, horse and rider pairs complete courses of 50+ miles over  challenging terrain. Before, after, and during the ride, the horse must  pass physical examinations and be deemed "fit to continue." 

"Ritz" has racked up the achievements over the years, including  winning the Arabian Horse Association's 100-Mile High Point Arabian  Endurance Award three times, and the American Endurance Ride Conference  (AERC) National Hundred Mile Award twice. In 2015, he was inducted into  the AERC Hall of Fame. His pinnacle achievement was being named a Perfect Ten Equine by the  AERC in 2017. To receive this honor, the horse & rider pair must  complete 10 years of competition, 10,000 miles, 10 first place finishes,  and 10 best condition awards!