Equine Worm and Fecal Worm Test

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1.00 LBS

Pre-paid home test  provides accurate worm results for horses or all other livestock. Simply use  the collection kit to get a stool sample – just 1-2 tsp is all you  need. Mail the sample to the licensed veterinary testing lab to find  out:

  • if your animal has worms
  • which worms they have
  • how severe is the infestation
  • which dewormer will work best

You’ll  get fast, written results. Tests are processed within 24 hours of receipt  and results are called, e-mailed, faxed or mailed the same day.  Envelope and lab request form are included.
Use the Equine Worm Test at Home for horses and all other livestock. Try this convenient, at-home test today and save!