Sleek EZ Large

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1.00 LBS

SleekEZ  Grooming Tool – Comb designed with unique, exclusive, patented, wave  tooth pattern created to be used on a variety of coats – from fine to  coarse, long to short. Tool's teeth grab tips of hair rather than base  of coat, extracting shedding hair, dirt and dander. Extremely gentle,  yet highly effective – blade will not cut hair or damage coat. No honing  edges required. Large 10" size for horses allows users to use two hands and quickly remove loose hair, dirt and dander. Medium  5" size is for all dog coats that shed, including short-coated and  wire-haired dogs. Does not pull hair and tug on skin aggressively, and  is preferred and enjoyed by dogs who are sensitive to longer-toothed  grooming brushes. Not a detangler and not ideal for dogs with human-like  hair, such as Yorkshires or Shih Tzus. Small 2.5" size is ideal  for cats and small dogs, or for horse’s legs or face. Tool’s teeth mimic  a cat’s barbed tongue, producing a calming effect as cat is groomed.  Removes shedding fur, reducing hairball hacking. Can be used to remove pet hair, dirt and dander from upholstery, carpeting, saddle pads, cinches, horse blankets and more. Poplar wood handle is treated to protect it outdoors.