Vetrolin Liniment Spray

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Unique formula will leave horses smelling clean, fresh and  pampered. Formulated with five essential oils and a hint of green soap  to help stimulate blood flow to soothe aching ankles, knees and tendons.  Also an excellent brace for sore backs and muscles. No harsh  detergents.

Deep-penetrating Gel formula contains HA for counter-irritant use  on horses, ponies and dogs for the temporary relief of muscular  soreness, stiffness and swelling caused by exposure, overwork or  exertion. Helps reduce swelling, increases blood flow and stimulates  circulation for long-lasting heat sensation - provides a cool flash  followed by soothing warmth that lasts for over an hour. Contains 4%  menthol, 0.4% MSM and 10 mg/fl oz hyaluronic acid. Apply sufficiently to  affected area and gently massage. Do not wrap if applied vigorously; do  not apply heat.

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