Camelot Fancy Raised Wide Noseband Bridle

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The Recessed Crown System™ is designed to alleviate unwanted pressure on  the sensitive poll area of the horse.  The RCS™ design allows the  cavesson strap to pass over the crown in a recessed channel with only  soft padding touching the horse.  The RCS™ Fancy Raised Wide Nose Padded  Bridle is crafted in premium full grain imported leather and features   fancy stitched 5/8" padded browband and 1 1/4" padded noseband.   Includes 5/8" x 54" laced reins with hook stud ends.                                   

​Understanding Horse Shows

Posted by Green Mountain Horse and Tack on 3rd Jun 2022

Competitions with your horse are great fun and a wonderful way to really learn who your horse is, bu … read more

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