Professional's Choice VenTECH Jump Pad

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 The Professional’s Choice VenTECH® Jump pad combines the latest  technical materials with a traditional appearance.  The quilted cotton  top later is stain resistant, while the VenTECH® mesh lining is  absorbent, quick drying, extremely breathable and lightweight, and  antimicrobial so it will not harbor bacteria.  In addition, the quilted  cotton top layer is stain resistant.  Reinforced ballistic billet guards  provide extra durability.  The pad is designed with a contoured back  for wither clearance and correct fit, which helps keep the pad securely  in place.  Webbed D-ring straps feature hook and loop for easy  application.  Designed to fit most jump saddles, including those with  more forward flaps.

EP510:  Universal Size 21.5” x 20.5” 

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