Ariat Insole Technology

Ariat Insole Technology

Posted by Green Mountain Horse & Tack on 1st May 2022

Ariat Insole Technologies
Ariat came to market in the early 1990's to bring athletic footwear technologies to riding and western boots, in order to bring to market the most comfortable performance` boots available. This article will review Ariat's current lineup of insole technologies and the advantages of each.

ariat 4lr insole detail

Ariat 4LR Insole Technology
Ariat 4LR technology is a patented insole system designed to help you do more than simply cushion your impact--it helps redistribute it for a smooth, stable stride. You feel energized and light, with no more achy feet. The Ariat 4LR Insole system is a patented design that not only cushions your foot but also helps to distribute impact forces for

more comfortable walking. You'll feel energized and light while wearing these insoles, as they keep you cool during those hot summer days!

* Provides maximum comfort
* Provides stability
* Keeps your feet cool and dry, even when you're on your feet all day.
* Moisture-wicking liner with odor defense
* Contoured cushioning insole for all-day comfort
* Lightweight stabilizing shank for support
* Outsole provides maximum wear resistance

Ariat ATS Pro Performance Insole

The upgraded comfort of our mid-level technology is heightened by durable, moisture wicking materials and an odorless

ariat ATS insole details

Cleansport NXT™ liner that you can depend on. The ATS offers superior support thanks to its scientifically engineered cushioning insole which absorbs shock for active days; it also dissipates pressure at the heel for comfort throughout the foot. You'll enjoy cool breathable feet with this light weight composite shank for comfort, endurance and stability.

* Durable, moisture-wicking liner with Cleansport NXT™ technology for natural odor defense
* Anatomically-engineered cushioning insole offers long-lasting support
* Smart Rebound ™ absorbs shock and dissipates pressure in the heel
* Base layer air vents regulate temperature to keep feet cool and comfortable
* Lightweight composite forked shank for enhanced stability
* Outsole provides maximum wear resistance

Ariat Cobalt Quantum Insole
The new Ariat Cobalt Quantum Insole is the breathable, temperature managing liner for all day comfort. A lightweight open cell cushioning insole that makes you feel like your feet are floating on air as it absorbs impact from every step without compromising flexibility or supporting full foot alignment while providing superior shock absorption qualities thanks to its integrated CST™ technology! This insole also features a durable yet flexible honeycomb arch support structure along with an ergonomic design which offers increased traction so users can tackle any terrain they come across with superior stability.

Ariat Cobalt Insole details

* Breathable, temperature-managing liner for comfort
* Lightweight open-cell cushioning insole for rebound
* Integrated Core Stability Technology ™ (CST™) for full-foot support without compromising flexibility
* Full-length, closed-cell layer for shock absorption
* Honeycomb shank and molded arch support for alignment
* Ergonomically designed outsole for greater flexibility with maximum wear resistance

Ariat continues to introduce new technologies in their footwear designs, but this is their line-up as of the time of this writing. Ariat is well known for their all-day comfort and hopefully we’ve given you some of the reasons why. So what are you waiting for? Try a new pair of Ariat boots today and discover why millions of happy feet choose Ariat to take care of their footwear needs.